Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I Dream A Dream

Once upon a time, I saw a girl that look like a princess at SENTRAL.
I was fall in love with her, suddenly her prince came.
I was so dissapointed and I look at the mirror and see an ugly face.
Ohh that was me, then I went to jungle to search Tinkerbell.
While I'm searching I heard someon screaming "Help!help!".
I was shocked, I'm searching the voice where that the voice came from.
Suddenly I saw an old woman in a hole, then I grab my rope to help her.
After that the old woman were safe, she say "Thank you,young man".
She said again "Why your face like dissapointed?" then I said "My face were too ugly, I fell in love with a girl[princess]".
The Old Woman said "Ohh dont be sad, I can help you", I said "Really?".
Then The old Woman is disappeared, I want to follow her but he has gone.
Then I really really disappointed, after that I saw Tinkerbell.Tinkerbell came to me then said "Hey young man, know me?" I said "Ya you Tinkerbell". Tinkerbell "No!Im the old woman that you were save her before.Now I want tochange your face to look handsome not ugly".
Then she spell me with her magic word, "Boom!!!" I search for a mirror then look at my face.
Its look like Brad Pitt, I said "Thank you,Tinkerbell" after that I go search for the princess to told her that I'm in love with her.
Then the Princess look at my face then she said

"You look like Brad Pitt, I hate Brad Pitt so get off" then me so upset.
My heart like want to blow, I run away far far far far far far away.
The End.
pelajaran pertama Alexender The Great dr gurunya MR Plato

"Jadila Diri Sendiri"

moralnya jgn jadi brat pitt


shakirah_kiyo said...

Woww...Sweet dream... Mesti tak bace doa nih...haha

Anonymous said...

huhu but i luv brad pitt

lemontree said...

baca juga leee huhuhu tau sapa kt sntral tu jumpa hehehe

lemontree said...

heheh brat pit la plak